Who doesn't love a good zombie book? Put your feet up, make a cup of tea, and strap in - it's going to be a bumpy ride!

Military horror meets zombie gore in a book that will stick in your mind long after you put it down...

Hamsikker 3 takes place in a lot of different locations, and goes outside of America. It felt natural to end the story where it does. Who knows what the future holds from here...

I thought of having the story set in London, but wanted a change of scene, and avoid having too much repetition; to have the story still take place somewhere quintessentially British, but somewhere very different to the norm.

The inspiration for this started out from real life experience. Like many of you, I have worked in a high-rise building, trapped behind a desk, wondering when I could ‘escape.’ Mix those feelings with a zombie apocalypse and hey presto, Devouring the Dead is born.

After the revelations of the first novel, there was no way I could let this drop. The characters had too much going on to simply stop their story mid-way, and we start just where we left off from Part 1.

I went back to basics with Hamsikker, wanting to tell a story that included three important things: zombies, gore, and more zombies!

Okay, so there are no zombies in this. Apologies! I was excited to go out of my comfort zone with a tale that is quite different from anything else I have done

I wanted to find an unusual setting for this novel. I try to steer away from the obvious and the clichéd. Whilst many people will be familiar with Melbourne, you need to take any zombie story with a pinch of salt, and the city may not seem exactly as you remember it.

The Goliath is an amalgamation of real dinosaurs infused with a little modern nuclear waste. The Kelso Depot is a real place and the Mojave a fascinating area. Check it out and see what damage the Goliath can do....

The Calgary Stampede - a family festival, drawing in thousands of visitors for a spectacle and fun. This year people will find they get more than they bargained for when a monster rises from the depths of the Canadian countryside. Prepare for an EPIC battle!

I wanted to keep the danger real, yet have the characters struggling here not just against the enemy, but the location itself. The island throws up as many dangers as the dead, and I hope you enjoy reading about it

I drew on a lot of personal experience for my descriptions of London. I wanted to set the story right in the heart of a city familiar to many people, and use it as part of the novel. London really is a character in its own right in 'Adrenal7n.'

Sharks. The ultimate predators! Set in the future, when sea-levels have risen catastrophically, survival is made all the more difficult with the emergence of the Megalodons...

Inspiration came from a visit to the Yasawa Islands. There are remote islands out there, uninhabited islands...do we really know what is lurking in every corner of the globe?

The plot for Zombiekill came from combining 2 different nightmares. I also wanted to twist things around and pull the story in an unusual direction that you may not be expecting.